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  1. Donald Cole Donald Cole

    Good day

    I`m seeking a reputable company/individual to partner with in a manner that would benefit both parties. The project is worth $24 Million so
    If interested, kindly contact me through this email donaldcole@donaldocole.com for clarification.

    I await your response.


    Donald Cole

    1. 薄狐Buff_Official 薄狐Buff_Official

      Sorry.I am a rich man.

  2. Attahiru Bafarawa Attahiru Bafarawa

    Dear Partner;

    I came across your email contact on Database; Where i was searching for a competent Partner who can handle a lucrative business for me as trustee and manager. I anticipate to read from you soon so I can provide you with more details.

    Attahiru Bafarawa

    1. 薄狐Buff_Official 薄狐Buff_Official

      Oh~I have had a job.

  3. Michael Rajiv Michael Rajiv

    Hello Dear,

    Greetings to you and I hope this email meet at your best, I am working directly with a private family portfolio that can provide funding for credible clients with feasible projects. Currently, we have investment funds for viable projects.

    They are interested in the following: Institution, Library, Hospitals, Green energy,
    Power projects, Agriculture and Real Estate. They can also partner with your company on other projects of value. The interest rate and tenure are fantastic.

    Your response is most anticipated if this is of interest to you.
    Reach me on email: funding@euroclearpayments.com or michaelrajiv44@gmail.com

    Kind regards,

    Michael Rajiv
    Financial Consultant
    Call: +44 7452 111119
    Euroclear Groups
    Url: http://euroclear.com

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    1. 薄狐Buff_Official 薄狐Buff_Official

      Sorry,but I have no money!

  5. SCP-085 SCP-085


    1. 薄狐Buff_Official 薄狐Buff_Official


  6. Daniel 的大哥 Daniel 的大哥


    1. Daniel 的大哥 Daniel 的大哥


      1. 薄狐Buff_Official 薄狐Buff_Official


  7. Daniel Daniel


    1. 薄狐Buff_Official 薄狐Buff_Official

      尝试变得可爱(๑• . •๑)