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I love the rain, I hate the rain, I miss the rain.

I love the rain.

The rain in the north is one of my favorite things about it.

It can rain whenever it wants and stop whenever it wants, unrestricted and unconstrained.

I dragged my slightly heavy body home after a day at school. I had no idea that rain was coming down from the sky. One drop, two drops, three drops, four drops, five drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, ten drops, When the bean-sized raindrops landed on my head, all I felt was silence and calm.

The damp ground on either side was fragrant and soothing as I walked down the rain-soaked steps. As a few parents dashed into the building in a hurry with their children, I paced in the direction of home, unconcerned with the rain dampening my lapels. I simply grinned. When they couldn't enjoy nature, how could they appreciate the gift of rain? Perhaps I was a lunatic for not being scared to get wet and catch a cold in their eyes, but they were fools in my eyes for being so controlled by life's constraints that they forgot to enjoy nature!

As I progressed, the rain lessened, and the heavy dark clouds above me floated away, ready to whisk away to the next location. The setting sun in the west was tinted a beautiful golden color, dispelling the resentment and hopelessness that had clouded people's hearts due to the rain. I looked through the beads of rain on my glasses at the setting sun in the west, the distant sky was tinted a beautiful golden color, dispelling the resentment and hopelessness that had clouded people's hearts due to the rain.

My mother was standing at the window of a residential building not far away, waving to me. I raised my arms in response to the gentle but strong figure who had toiled away at her work.

When would my mum take a break from her busy schedule to gaze out the window at this breathtaking view?

I hate the rain.

Now I despise rain.

I'm not sure when the rain turned filthy and unpleasant to hit and stopped being as crisp and clear as it used to be. It contributes to the people's impatience.

Summer is a season of heat and fervor. Summer, on the other hand, may feel like the end of the world for those like myself who live at home.

I had to leave the home for class, and when I got at the station, there were a few black, inky clouds moving in from the distance. Thunder erupted, and rain came down heavily, immersing me completely. I was drenched in sticky rain from head to toe. My drenched, clammy, and heated short-sleeved shirt stuck to my torso. Because of the heat, the rain immediately turned into a white mist, suffocating the breath. In turn, the automobiles on the road turned on their lights, slowly lighting up the white environment.

Finally, the bus I planned to catch began to accelerate from afar, but I didn't see it slowing until it was just in front of me. The bus's wheels hit a pool of water on the side of the road, causing a curtain of water to rise up and fall on me. I tried to turn back to dodge it, but it was too late, and I was splattered with black sewage. I brushed my palm across my face to remove the grains, but instead of knocking them away, I let a Chosen Stone to enter my lips. I groaned and moaned as I stared at the distant bus, puzzled as to why it hadn't come to a halt.Maybe the fog was too thick to see me, maybe I was too short, maybe ......

I soon stopped thinking and began walking ahead like a puppet, supported only by the organic materials I had consumed earlier in the day and the thin air surrounding me.

I'd made it to the classroom entrance before I realized it. Water from my hat streamed down my cheeks and onto the floor. My clothing and trousers, which are made of quick-drying material, are already half-dry. I sat down in my seat and used paper to dry my hair, only to discover that the fog had lifted outside the window, the clouds had dissipated, and the sun shone brightly......

Another "nice" day has passed......

I miss the rain.

Rain reminds me of my youth.

A long time ago, near my house, there was a mall named Good and Plenty. It wasn't exactly posh, and it was even a little shabby, with just one floor of the three-story space selling items, now that I think about it. It was, nevertheless, one of my favorite spots at the time.

My mother and I were already packed and ready to travel to Goodwill to buy the needs of life on that day, when there was simply the white of the fish's belly in the east.

We arrived at the supermarket's entrance after trekking past the morning market's noise and bustle and a mound of trash. The sky, which had been blue before, now turned gloomy, sad and urgent. As we entered the mall, the sound of rains falling on the ground came from behind us, as predicted.

A mist of water still covers the vegetables that have just been set on the shelves, fresh pieces of meat are still dripping with blood, and the rows of shelves are so full with things that I can't take them all in for a moment as I walk down the escalator that has stopped operating.

The required things were carefully selected and placed in shopping bags. We'd go to that practically empty place at the end of each shopping excursion to get our huge headshots done. My mother would raise me up because of my height so that we could both be in range of the camera at the same time.

We'd tease one other by attempting to capture each other's faces on camera, laughing together, unconcerned about what others thought of us, studying together, and debating which filters would best fit us. However, the good times were short-lived, and we were soon on our way home.

We rushed frantically out of the mall, the rain had not yet ceased, and it was more like dancing in the rain. "Why not start the next pleasant moment straight immediately since happy times are usually short?" We spun in the rain, allowing it to fall on our faces and soak through our garments.

After many "trials and tribulations," we eventually made it home. We laughed again, looking at one other as though we were in a state of chaos. Worries and difficulties? Ha! It's no longer there!

Time constantly rushes by and then vanishes. The "shabby" Good and Plenty has long since been transformed into the gleaming Jinhui Shopping Centre, and the shop with the huge head stickers that brought my mother and me joy has long gone vanished, having been transformed into a distributor for a well-known lipstick brand. We were happy back then, but that appears to have faded away forever......


I love the rain, I hate the rain, I miss the rain...

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    Raindrops keep falling from sky, hitting on my face, and finally rolling down my cheeks. But it doesn't matter, because I have already dived into another world.

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